My Favorite Holiday

Seriously, Halloween is my favorite. There’s no other time you can dress up and be silly and act ridiculous for no good reason. Plus, who doesn’t love a good spook? Not that I’ve ever dressed as anything “scary” in my whole life, but I enjoy the haunted house/forest/corn maze thing, whenever I have the time to go on such an excursion or plan such a party.

This year, I did not have the time for an excursion, but we did have a party planned. There was also  a second, unexpected party that required a last-minute costume #2… because I never duplicate costumes 🙂 Please excuse the poor-quality cell phone pictures!

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” ‘Copper, you’re my very best friend.’
‘And you’re mine too, Tod.’
‘And we’ll always be friends forever, right?’
‘Yeah, forever…’ ”

– Fox & the Hound on Netflix. Why do I do this to myself?

Watched “The Land Before Time” last night…

… and I must say, that movie is kinda deep!! Of course, I was also crying like a baby throughout. The same way I do when I watch any movie from my childhood these days. How are they children’s movies in the first place?! There is some serious material in them! They’re not all fluff and innocence.

I guess it just went over my head back then, and I focused on the cute animals and the happy endings and the fun music.

Seriously though. Dumbo. Cool Runnings. Anne of Green Gables. Bambi. They’re all so much more powerful now! Everyone go watch!