Starfish Wishes & Mermaid Kisses

It’s cliché but true – the ocean does wonders for both the body and soul.

When I lived in California, Okinawa, and North Carolina, I knew I took it for granted that I lived by the sea. I knew I would miss it when it was gone. I always appreciated it, and realized how special it was, but by the time I hit the one-year mark of living in DC, I was craving salty air and sandy toes something fierce.

Of course, the global pandemic has made every potential getaway more complicated and guilt-ridden than before. But when Chuck’s parents said they wanted us to join them for a few days in Kill Devil Hills, NC – and promised they felt comfortable exposing themselves to our cooties to such a degree – of course I jumped at the chance to escape.

We drove five hours south (more like 4 or 4.5 with Chuck’s driving) and spent three days and two nights in seaside bliss. I pored over a new novel as I soaked up the ample sunshine, watched dolphins frolic while sipping a refreshing aperol spritz, and gazed at Jupiter rising with a pint of dairy-free chocolate truffle ice cream.

This trip did wonders for my morale. I took the rest of the week off work and can now say I’m feeling refreshed enough to get back to it, just as my projects are set to amp up for the fall. Summer is not a waste after all – so take that, COVID!

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