My new sporty shoes came in the mail over the weekend, and yesterday I got to break them in at the gym. Those of you who know me well are aware that I’m a high-heels and pretty shoes kind of girl, but these are rather fabulous. I love the shock of pink.

I am very sore today! Yesterday we worked on legs and butt. I love it when I can FEEL it! Chuck has focused on perfecting my form and style, so that I do the exercises correctly as we add more weight. This means that generally, I feel tired after a work out, but not that sore. Today is different, and I’m loving it!

Anyway, I am headed out shortly to do some Christmas shopping, because next week is DECEMBER! (Holy cow, when did that happen?) Shopping here is rather limited, so I hope I can scrounge up at least a few goodies…

I am totally in the mood for a new pair of cute shoes. Not that the beach is any place for prissy high-heels, but the hankering has set nonetheless.

Sometimes you meet a pair of shoes so ridiculous you just have to buy them. The good news: they were on sale. The bad news? Absolutely nowhere to wear these bad boys. Or should I say bad girls?

(Taken with Instagram)

For the Love of Leopard Stilettos

A few years ago, I made the most amazing discovery at TJ Maxx: Guess leopard print heels for only $35.99. They had the added bonus of not only being smokin’ hot, but mega comfortable (as comfortable as 3.5-4 inch heels can get, of course.) They were the type of shoes that looked super sexy with a mini LBD for a night on the town, but could also pass for office wear with a toned down neutral outfit, for just a touch of added spice. I knew they were appropriate for work because even the snooty women at work complimented them all the time, instead of turning me into HR (which has actually happened before, for my “color choices”, but that’s another story.)

Alas, after 3 years rocking these heels on a regular basis, at work and at play, I did the unthinkable – I lost them during my move out from my apartment in Arlington. I last wore them for my bachelorette party in Atlantic City, and never saw them again. I didn’t see them moving out, and I didn’t see them moving into my new home in NC. I’m pretty sure they were in a cluster of bags, mostly filled with trash, and I just got them mixed in and threw them out (along with my wedding veil, one week before the wedding, but that’s another story.)

Ever since, I have sought a replacement pair. But, there’s just nothing that comes close. I thought I found it with these sassy little things from ShoeDazzle, but as it turns out, they are far too stripper-ish for the versatile wear I enjoyed with the originals.  Since when does EVERY cute shoe have to be over 5 inches tall and include a large platform?

Sigh. The search continues…