Cage-Free Viewing

The more I think and read about zoos and places like Sea World, the more opposed I am to wildlife in captivity. The problem is, it’s SO great/educational to see wild animals up close and personal!

I found this link that lists some places where you can enjoy cage-free viewing, and I hope that when I have kids and am tempted to take them to Sea World, I remember these au naturel options instead.

Cage-Free Viewing

Life These Days (In a Nutshell)

Work is so busy! But in a good way. We have the Elected Officials BBQ coming up, two BizMixes, a bunch of Ribbon Cuttings, and the Safety Awards with the Department of Labor. I am thankful every day I have a job here where I feel useful and valued.

– Monday was Month 3 of deployment! I must say – my days go quickly, but the time on the calendar is dragging rather slowly. It feels like it’s been way longer than three months. In some ways, this deployment is easier than the first. In other ways, it’s harder.

– I’m heading home to DC this weekend, partially for my high school reunion, but also to see my girl friends, since my trips home are generally stretched too thin to see much of them! Should be fun (though I’m still a little nervous about the reunion! And whatever will I wear?!)

– I’m officially moving out of my house June 1, since our realtor is an idiot and screwed up our lease terms. It’s a huge/expensive pain in the tushy, but I’m grateful I found someone willing to rent me their house for 3 months…before we pack up and move yet again for GA!

– My search for cruelty-free beauty/hygiene products continues! As it turns out, all lists out there are kind of… inconsistent. It seems that brands are opening their markets to include China, which requires animal testing on everything. So rather than lose the Chinese market, companies are reversing their position on animal testing. HOWEVER, the EU just passed legislation forbidding cosmetic animal testing going forward, regardless of where the testing was done.. so it will be interesting to see how the companies adjust. I guess I need to decide how serious to get about this. Le sigh!

– I went to the doctor yesterday for my annual physical and am happy to report a clean bill of health! I did receive my 10-year tetanus/ whooping cough booster, however… and my arm still aches. Aren’t those diseases obsolete yet?!

– Finally, I need a good book to get hooked on, as I am relying far more than usual on TV to entertain me on lonely nights. Actively taking suggestions!

My Latest Obsession

… is finding cruelty-free make-up, hair, and general hygiene products. I recently found a great list of all brands that do and do not test on animals (and no, the list does not come from an extreme source like PETA.) 

Some of my products got an A+ on the Animal Testing Report Card, but quite a few got a big fat F, the most disappointing of which were pretty much ALL of my mascaras. Seriously, my top 3 faves of the moment – Lancome Hypnose Star, Maybelline Full n’ Soft, and L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes – are all on the no-no list. WTF?

As I’m sure just about any girl knows, it’s hard to find a mascara you love. But I’m determined to try and find a new one! And with the wide variety out there, I’m sure I can find one I like..

The harder things will be the more “unique” items I’m currently in love with… like my new Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (part of my new interest in skincare.) I was kinda surprised a supposedly more “organic” and natural brand like Kiehl’s would test on animals… but inshallah… what can ya do.