Introducing: The Daily…

I’m generally not the type to “re-blog” someone else’s stock images, but I do love Pinterest and save my non-original, copy-cat favorites there. However, some things I find are just too cute/sweet/beautiful/happy not to share here, so I’ve decided to start “The Daily…”

A few things about The Daily…

First, this will most likely not be daily at all, but daily sounds so much better than The Weekly, or The Monthly, or The Twice-Quarterly, if you ask me. So just bear with me and my misnomers πŸ™‚ Subscribers will probably be happy not to have a daily email in their inbox, anyway!

Second, it will vary in nature. Some days it will be The Daily Cute, and highlight my love of adorable (mostly baby) animals. Honestly, this will probably be the most frequent category πŸ™‚ Other days it will be The Daily Happy, or The Daily Inspo (“inspiration” to those of you not familiar.) It will just depend on what I want to share on any given day – on whatever is making me (and then hopefully you) smile at any given moment.

So, to those of you who read, I hope you enjoy my first…

… The Daily Cute! (Did you really think I wouldn’t start out with a kitten?) πŸ™‚


Chuck and I have created a new theory about Annie’s mysterious, pre-adoption past. Any time she’s outside, she looks very nervously at the sky, and lays low to the ground. We have determined that she must have been kidnapped (catnapped?) by an eagle or a falcon but somehow escaped its hungry talons, far from home. She was subsequently picked up by the animal shelter, where I was lucky enough to find her.

Clearly there’s just no other feasible explanation.