New Loves

I posted this image mostly because I love squirrels.

This is a rather new found love. Although I’ve always been an animal lover overall, squirrels didn’t necessarily make the cut at the top five — or even top ten — of animals with which I thought I would form a special bond. This is due in part to the fact that the last few places I lived, squirrels weren’t a part of the surrounding fauna. Here in the big city, they’re basically the entirety of local wildlife, and I can’t tell you how much joy they’ve brought me in this depressing year.

I also posted this image because the text is true. In fact, it’s underselling the extent to which I have blessings to count. This year has been hard for all of us, but my blessings are large and abundant. Not even remotely small.

Sure, I may have COVID right now (I got diagnosed last Wednesday, and even now on day nine I can assure you it is no fun.)

Sure, I may have dramatically disowned most of my extended family during an already stressful election week (more on that some other time).

Sure, I’ve had to cancel more than one exciting trip, modify major milestones, and take annoying precautions for even the most simple activities to make the most of being temporarily back home, in spite of it all.

But here I am. Gainfully employed. Well-loved. Fully insured. Healthy, and thus well set for a full recovery from coronavirus. A husband who is not going to deploy any time soon, and two kitties who are loving having me home all the time.

A society in which I can have groceries and hot meals delivered to my doorstep, movies and entertainment on demand, and technology that allows me to hear the voices and see the faces of those I love, no matter how far away they are.

A Biden-Harris presidency on the horizon, and all the hope for our future and our democracy that entails.

I’ve also had plenty of toilet paper. This whole time.

And most novel of all – I’ve got a yard full of squirrels, who recognize me on sight and count on me to make their day brighter with my bag full of nuts 🙂

Remember that diversity of thought and ideals (and the freedom to express them without fear of persecution) is what makes this country so great. I think that each of you is intelligent, principled, and patriotic, regardless of who you voted for today.

I honestly believe this, and know that every American has a passion AND logic for what he/she believes more so than in so many parts of the world today. I think it’s really sad that regardless of what my vote is, someone close to me on either side will respect my intellect, values, and patriotism less as a result…

I am embarrassed to say that I did not vote this year. I did order my absentee ballot weeks ago, but it never showed up. Not sure if I did something wrong or if they did…? Regardless, I should have stayed on top of it better. To be honest though, I really had a hard time this year in terms of who to vote for. That’s why I admire both my Obama supporter friends and my Romney supporter friends, because they are so convicted in what they want for this country. I, on the other hand, am more befuddled than ever! I agree that we are in such a pivotal, volatile time in our history, so I really felt the (hypothetical) power of my vote this year, and it scared me a little…

Too late now of course, but I’m looking forward to hear what America decides!