The Daily Magic

I am all about the little things lately.

I can often dwell on things that can’t easily be helped, at the most futile times (i.e., when I’m trying to sleep), creating a severe case of spaghetti brain that dismantles my balance and subdues my energy. I’ve recently made an effort to focus on the magic present in my life every day, no matter how small or ephemeral.

Like the hummingbirds and butterflies that call my backyard home. Or the classical music I play to fill an empty house with soothing, yet uplifting notes. Or the half-dozen avocados I plucked from our tree that are now ripe and ready to eat.

I know we frown on materialism, but I like to appreciate the small material things with which I have surrounded myself as well, because they make me smile. Like my imperfect, rather damaged rose gold globe. Or my floral tea kettle. Or my lightly engraved Balinese treasure cabinet. Or the rustic wooden arrow that reminds anyone looking to “Find Your Wild.”

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2013: A Year in Review

Actually, I’d like to talk about more than just one year. Specifically, I want to talk about the past 3 years! Only because I feel as though 2014 is the beginning of a whole new era, and it’s rather unbelievable how much has happened in that relatively brief period of time. The events of those years have ultimately culminated into what I am feeling at this very moment, and captures an interesting combination of emotion, growth, and self-discovery that I know is not nearly finished yet.

In that time as a new wife between 2010 and 2013, I’ve been through two deployments, two work-ups, three less-than-desirable moves (about to do a fourth), and said goodbye to two really good jobs – not to mention friends, family, and ready access to some of my favorite things. Sure, I’ve dealt with a little resentment in the process (and probably still will from time to time), but I’ve also experienced things that have added new dimension to my life, in all kinds of ways that I like to think make me happier and more interesting than I was before. I worked in the medical community. I lived on the beach. I diversified my resume in the business community. I visited beautiful Southern cities and held baby tigers. I learned the inner workings of (and made a name for myself in) a whole new city. And with frequent moves and long separations, I learned my own strength. Essentially, the past few years have forced me to create opportunity for myself in new and unexpected ways.

Now, I’m about to embark on a new adventure with my husband and partner in crime. I can’t lie – the first few weeks after hearing the news were really difficult and full of inner turmoil, but now I am remarkably at peace with it. In fact, I am even excited about it, and look upon the move with inspiration and hope for the great (and even the not so great) experiences it will bring.

I do struggle with some things that come with being a military spouse (and I try not to struggle too much out loud), but the truth of the matter is that Chuck is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I love him and my little Annie Bean more than anything in the world. I know how rare and special it is to find that kind of love and family and adventure, and I want to be sure I never take that for granted, in 2014 and beyond…