Oki Adventures

It has been quite a while since I updated last, particularly about my adventures in Okinawa. Chuck has been away playing war games around the Pacific, while I enjoyed two weeks off from school (even if work continued to pound away at my sanity.) My weekends have been full of fun and sunshine, rather than papers and presentations. Here are a few highlights! Continue reading

Lunch on the Seaside

A friend and I tried a sweet little restaurant in Uruma today, called Soupcon Seaside Cafe. Like many of the restaurants around here, it was tiny and tucked away, but it had great food and the loveliest ocean view… we enjoyed a delightful stroll on the beach afterwards. It is a definite keeper!

Had the cutest little Southern lunch at the Swan Coach House in Atlanta. The chicken florentine and tea sandwiches were delish, as were the mint juleps. It was definitely a “ladies who lunch” kind of place, floral wallpaper and all, and even had one table full of women in ridiculously large hats and heavy pearls.

The Marine and the Soldier I was with fit in just splendidly… Haha it was hilarious.

(at Atlanta History Center – Swan House)

“The art of dining well is no slight art, the pleasure not a slight pleasure.” (Michel de Montaigne.)

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