I know this is going to sound reallyweird, but do you ever get annoyed with yourself and want to suppress/change your personality? There’s this girl I know who everyone likes hands down, but there’s really not much to her (that she shows, anyway.) She’s “boring”, but so sweet and completely non-controversial, so everyone just automatically thinks what a nice person she is. She has this universal appeal. I know I am fascinated by her and want to be just like her… but I am most definitely not.

Sometimes I wish I’d stay more mysterious and unassuming. Keep more to myself and just be nice to people. Suppress any urge to express or take the lead – stay under the radar. Hold back on sharing so many updates (i.e., Facebook.) Cut back on doing things that attract attention – increase anonymity. Discuss things (and people!) less. Give people less reason to formulate opinions about my life and decisions, by keeping them my business instead of everyone else’s.

Blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes, the more I share, the more exposed I feel. To good things, and to bad things – if that makes any sense. I almost get self-conscious when people know too much about me… as I blog away about it here, ha.

Just a random, silly thought on a boring, windy afternoon!