New Job & New Recipe…!

… – ish on both accounts. Today I start my new non-profit gig in Wilmington. Unfortunately it’s temp, but depending on how it goes, that “unfortunately” may turn into a “fortunately”… 😉 Really though, I am excited! It’s high-visibility business development for the area (which it desperately needs), and I think I will learn a lot from it – especially since I’m one of only two team members/consultants brought in to help.

Either way – it’s something! I will try to keep the pharmacy job a few shifts per month just in case I don’t find something else when this position wraps up in the fall. Luckily, they are willing to work with me for that.

And as for the “new” recipe… slow cooker lasagna?! WHAT a novelty! Clearly I’ve made lasagna before, but I’ve never heard of the crockpot concept 🙂 Prep n’ go… Come home to delicious smells and a ready dinner! What’s not to love?

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