Must Never Spend Money Again

UGH I spent a TON of money yesterday! Chuck is on his mancation in VA, so one of my friends here in the area ventured to Raleigh with me for some “real” shopping. My goal was to get things I at least somewhat need for my casual, low-key life down here (and a few goodies for my trip to Miami), and of course I ended up with a ton of things I DON’T need that have no place in Small Town, NC. This is what happens when you haven’t been to Bebe, H&M, and Nordstroms in over 9 months…

You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t ever take the party out of the girl.

Sight. I really hate myself sometimes #stillneedthingsformycasuallowkeylife #frugalityfail


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