Guilty confession

I may or may not have set my alarm early this morning to catch the online Lilly Pulitzer sale as soon as it opened. I NEVER do things like that! Unfortunately (or maybe quite fortunately), very little of what I’ve been admiring the past few months was actually on sale…

But still! No shame… no shame. The sales are just too dramatic to miss. And this particular style will be great for life in tropical Japan. Am I right??? Yes, I am right.

Badly “needed” retail therapy led to this fantastic splurge…

Seriously though, I’ve been needing a decent, good quality purse that I feel confident carrying. Lots of room in this sucker!

Needed a statement necklace. So of course I bought two!

In fact, I did a lot of damage in general last night. Some purchases were legit long time needs, while others were pure frivolity. But inshallah – spring fashion (my fave!) only comes once per year!

Today I ran a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with the Chamber at a new little gift boutique called Tickled Pink. I fell in love with this little leopard print stiletto make-up brush holder. It was one of those “I can’t stop thinking about you I must have you!” sort of situations. It’s not even quite big or deep enough to hold all my brushes, but it’s cute… who cares if it’s functional. Duh! 🙂

The Shopping Bug Lurks

I have this sudden urge to go replace all my make-up, for no reason other than I’m bored with what I have, and I keep seeing new things I want to try. I’m waiting for the same urge to come with clothes – since the arrival of spring tends to do that to me. I must stay strong. I’ve been doing so well!

Bad news bears…

I was fiscally irresponsible the past 6 weeks and bought two Lilly dresses that I fell in love with. To be fair, one was 40% off and the other was 25% off… that helps, right?

Fuzzy photo quality aside, aren’t they cute?? I feel so pretty in them! 🙂

Must Never Spend Money Again

UGH I spent a TON of money yesterday! Chuck is on his mancation in VA, so one of my friends here in the area ventured to Raleigh with me for some “real” shopping. My goal was to get things I at least somewhat need for my casual, low-key life down here (and a few goodies for my trip to Miami), and of course I ended up with a ton of things I DON’T need that have no place in Small Town, NC. This is what happens when you haven’t been to Bebe, H&M, and Nordstroms in over 9 months…

You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t ever take the party out of the girl.

Sight. I really hate myself sometimes #stillneedthingsformycasuallowkeylife #frugalityfail