Two Things are Irking Me Today…

…My hair, and my speeding ticket.

Chuck and I left Monday morning after a whirlwind 24-hour visit to the Outer Banks to visit friends. Moments after driving on a 70 MPH road, I was pulled over for going 74 in a 55 MPH. Grrr. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the change. Now I have to drive two hours away for my mandatory court date in November. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket before (though I can’t deny that I deserve one almost daily…)

Anyway, I’ve been planning my schpiel so I can get the ticket reduced, though I can’t escape those court fees. Let’s hope for a male judge who appreciates a blonde with a twinkle in her eye. JUST KIDDING. Sort of…

Speaking of blonde, that brings me to annoyance #2. I’ve gone to 4 different stylists down here in NC and no one can seem to achieve the blonde hues I had back home. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult (is the dye/bleach different here?) but it seriously turns various shades of yellow or orange after 1 wash, if not sooner. This past time, I asked for partial highlights to touch up my roots – and somehow she ended up painting the top of my head with straight up bleach, resulting in an all-over yellow look.

The last time she did my hair, she used some gloss that turned it orange, so I think she was using the bleach to pull the orange out… but I just want foil highlights people!!! They’ve always worked for me. If I had wanted my hair bleached, I would have asked for that. Colors, dyes, glosses, etc. always make me brassy, so I have learned to stick to the basics. But, no one ever listens to me. “Just let me try this, I think it will work.” Sure. I really need to start saying no more aggressively while in that chair…

The situation is seriously just going to make me go dark(er) sooner than planned. I really don’t like yellow hair :-

On a more positive note – OBX was beautiful on Sunday 🙂


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