Is this what they call “frizz”?


I’m not quite sure what to make of my hair these days. This is generally how it looks several sweaty hours after I attack it with curling irons, a teasing comb, and hair spray – not the morning after a fresh wash. My hair is very fine and somewhat thin, so I rarely deal with frizz. I guess this means I need to find a way to condition more without making my roots overly greasy. Or maybe I can find a way to enhance it so it looks more like a sexy beach wave? Maybe Pinterest can help me out…

Things bugging me today

– Young children taking communion at church. It’s a holy sacrament, not snack time! Even though it is pretty delicious…. But seriously. I wasn’t allowed to participate till I understood what it meant!

– Ants invasion of my Raisin Nut Bran. (How gross is it on a scale of 1 to 10 that I ate it anyway?)

– Verizon Wireless. Actually, just Holly Ridge, NC. Every measure I have taken to improve my Internet situation has actually either done nothing, or made it worse, and at a co$t no less. I won’t bore you with details, but I have come to terms with a disconnected existence out here in the boonies… and a very confused bill.

– Health and nutrition studies. I heard eating too much of my beloved tuna means too much mercury in my system. So I mix some turkey sandwiches into my lunches. Turns out deli meats are high in cancer-causing nitrates. Sigh. I need to just eat what I want.

– The fact that I have no washer/dryer. Today is cleaning day and without a way to wash towels and sheets, I feel incomplete. It’s one of those small things I take for granted in daily life 🙂

End rant.

Two Things are Irking Me Today…

…My hair, and my speeding ticket.

Chuck and I left Monday morning after a whirlwind 24-hour visit to the Outer Banks to visit friends. Moments after driving on a 70 MPH road, I was pulled over for going 74 in a 55 MPH. Grrr. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the change. Now I have to drive two hours away for my mandatory court date in November. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket before (though I can’t deny that I deserve one almost daily…)

Anyway, I’ve been planning my schpiel so I can get the ticket reduced, though I can’t escape those court fees. Let’s hope for a male judge who appreciates a blonde with a twinkle in her eye. JUST KIDDING. Sort of…

Speaking of blonde, that brings me to annoyance #2. I’ve gone to 4 different stylists down here in NC and no one can seem to achieve the blonde hues I had back home. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult (is the dye/bleach different here?) but it seriously turns various shades of yellow or orange after 1 wash, if not sooner. This past time, I asked for partial highlights to touch up my roots – and somehow she ended up painting the top of my head with straight up bleach, resulting in an all-over yellow look.

The last time she did my hair, she used some gloss that turned it orange, so I think she was using the bleach to pull the orange out… but I just want foil highlights people!!! They’ve always worked for me. If I had wanted my hair bleached, I would have asked for that. Colors, dyes, glosses, etc. always make me brassy, so I have learned to stick to the basics. But, no one ever listens to me. “Just let me try this, I think it will work.” Sure. I really need to start saying no more aggressively while in that chair…

The situation is seriously just going to make me go dark(er) sooner than planned. I really don’t like yellow hair :-

On a more positive note – OBX was beautiful on Sunday 🙂


For the Love of Leopard Stilettos

A few years ago, I made the most amazing discovery at TJ Maxx: Guess leopard print heels for only $35.99. They had the added bonus of not only being smokin’ hot, but mega comfortable (as comfortable as 3.5-4 inch heels can get, of course.) They were the type of shoes that looked super sexy with a mini LBD for a night on the town, but could also pass for office wear with a toned down neutral outfit, for just a touch of added spice. I knew they were appropriate for work because even the snooty women at work complimented them all the time, instead of turning me into HR (which has actually happened before, for my “color choices”, but that’s another story.)

Alas, after 3 years rocking these heels on a regular basis, at work and at play, I did the unthinkable – I lost them during my move out from my apartment in Arlington. I last wore them for my bachelorette party in Atlantic City, and never saw them again. I didn’t see them moving out, and I didn’t see them moving into my new home in NC. I’m pretty sure they were in a cluster of bags, mostly filled with trash, and I just got them mixed in and threw them out (along with my wedding veil, one week before the wedding, but that’s another story.)

Ever since, I have sought a replacement pair. But, there’s just nothing that comes close. I thought I found it with these sassy little things from ShoeDazzle, but as it turns out, they are far too stripper-ish for the versatile wear I enjoyed with the originals.  Since when does EVERY cute shoe have to be over 5 inches tall and include a large platform?

Sigh. The search continues…