Applying for jobs would be a lot less time consuming and exhausting if I didn’t have to rewrite my resume for every online app’s format in ADDITION to uploading my actual resume. Why can’t that be enough? Adding all these entries over and over is just silly. Can’t they read? What’s the point? It’s redundant. Whatever happened to the days of a resume and cover letter? 

I’m about to give up on this damn thing. I’ve spent over an hour on it. I don’t even want this job and probably won’t get it anyway. But GAHHH I canNOT work at CVS for the next whole year. Unfortunately that’s settling a little too low for me… the 9 non-stop hours on my feet getting yelled at by customers and pharmacists for $8.50 per hour is not my cup of tea.

Sigh. Just a moment of frustration, folks. I’m grateful I held onto the pharmacy gig in case nothing else came through for me. But I hope the temp agency finds me something to hold me over till we get out of here… or else I might go a little crazy 🙂

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