Applying for jobs would be a lot less time consuming and exhausting if I didn’t have to rewrite my resume for every online app’s format in ADDITION to uploading my actual resume. Why can’t that be enough? Adding all these entries over and over is just silly. Can’t they read? What’s the point? It’s redundant. Whatever happened to the days of a resume and cover letter? 

I’m about to give up on this damn thing. I’ve spent over an hour on it. I don’t even want this job and probably won’t get it anyway. But GAHHH I canNOT work at CVS for the next whole year. Unfortunately that’s settling a little too low for me… the 9 non-stop hours on my feet getting yelled at by customers and pharmacists for $8.50 per hour is not my cup of tea.

Sigh. Just a moment of frustration, folks. I’m grateful I held onto the pharmacy gig in case nothing else came through for me. But I hope the temp agency finds me something to hold me over till we get out of here… or else I might go a little crazy 🙂

Highs n’ Lows

“We have received your application. However, you were not among the best qualified candidates. Therefore, your application will not be sent to the hiring manager for selection consideration at this time.”

Oy VEY. It was for a job that asked me about my expertise in sending E-MAILS! An assistant to the administrative assistant! My application won’t even be considered?? Good grief. I had even moved my degree information to the bottom of my resume so I would appear less overqualified. Ugh. Forward and onward, I guess…

In other news, I’m super excited after purchasing a Living Social deal for some pole dancing and barre classes. That’s right. Pole dancing. Judge all you like! I did it for almost a year back in NoVa and loved it. Great workout, and a ton of fun! Better yet, it’s very affordable here and I can’t wait to get back into it. The barre classes sound amazing too – a mix of ballet, yoga, and pilates. It’s been over a year since I’ve done any dancing at all, so I’m ready to dive back in.

And, as our small world would have it, a friend of mine from the DC area randomly got engaged to a Marine and moved down here a few months ago. She is a dancer/ cheerleader and bought the Living Social deal with me. 🙂 Yayyy, I have a buddy!

Her being here has been hilarious in the first place. We didn’t hang out a lot in DC, but our social circles crossed paths a good bit. She messaged me on Facebook telling me she was moving here and needed advice on transitioning from the DC professional/socialite lifestyle, to military wife in the middle of nowhere. It’s been interesting being on the other side of this issue, giving advice to a nervous young woman instead of receiving it – allowing me to see how I’ve changed, grown, and adjusted since I moved here almost a year ago.

In yet another twist of circumstance, her fiance is on the same team as Chuck, and they will deploy together in the winter! It will be nice to have someone around who is on the same schedule as me, in terms of deployment. 

Anyhoo. It’s a quiet day here at the office. My boss is out all day so I’m more casual and relaxed while I cold-call potential investors. The assignment wraps at the end of next week, so I’m trying not to complain too much about it. I need this $12/hour – it gives me the means to dance 🙂