There are a few people in my life who view my relationship a certain way because they don’t understand military life. Specifically, they hint that Chuck’s service and deploying is an affront to me, like he doesn’t really care that much about my wants and needs, and doesn’t mind leaving me. In other words, if he “really loved me”, he wouldn’t put me through X, Y, and Z. As if I don’t have enough to over-think when it comes to military life and deployments already… oy vey.

It’s just one more example of an unintentionally non-supportive comment people make that I wanted to briefly vent about here. I know they are just watching out for me and my interests, which is so nice, but it’s not quite like that (I hope 🙂 )

On a lighter note, Chuck has officially been home for 1 week, and it’s been so much fun! I’m still getting used to coming home from work and he’s there, or waking up in the morning and he’s there. Not sick of each other yet 😉

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