Friday Update

For those of you who were wondering, I got my speeding ticket reduced to 9mph over (about what it should have been in the first place), which means no points for me – even if I still had to pay. Seriously though, what a racket!

Anyway, the office closes at 12:30 today and I am ready for a fun weekend. Chuck’s family rented a beach house for the next week, so we will see them plus my friend Laura, who will be in town for the weekend visiting her mom. I think we’ll meet her and her fiance downtown for drinks Saturday night. I always love seeing Laura.

In other news, while hanging out at the courtroom all morning, I caught up on my Rick Steve’s Italy Guide and read all about Lake Como. Coincidentally, I also found a gorgeous photo of this scenic spot on Pinterest (which I promptly pinned to my Bucket List board, of course.) It is rather out of the way for my current itinerary, but now I want to find a way to work it in… it looks so amazing!

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