Cat: 1 Chuck: 0

Today I get a call from Chuck at work, and he’s telling me how Annie escaped outside and he’s been looking all over and he can’t find her anywhere. I tell him to try calling her name up and down the street and hopefully she will come, since she’s fairly responsive to that.

I get home all ready to go help him look for her, and Chuck is like, “I have no idea where she went. I checked the whole house and I walked around the neighborhood twice calling for her and she wouldn’t come.”

Who walks out of the bedroom at that very moment, but the Bean herself, looking at us both like we are the biggest fools. Chuck’s face was priceless – from adorably distraught, to adorably flabbergasted. Annie’s expression was purely haughty and freshly cat-napped.

Anyway, you’d probably have to be there… but it gave us a good laugh. 🙂

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