I love how the Commissaries are closed, but the Fitness Centers are open. You can stay fit during this shutdown, but you’re SOL if you need milk! Seriously though, it is pretty funny. I DO need milk, which I can’t get, but I surely can still hit up the gym!

Anyways! I actually went to “Butt & Guts” on Monday, which is about to be cancelled due to low participation. At first, I didn’t mind that fact – the class was pretty blah and I didn’t feel like anything was really all that intense. I could keep up with all the seasoned class buffs just fine…. But boy was I wrong!! My DEEP core is so sore, even two days later!! I’m really impressed, because ab exercises never make me sore. I actually wonder if secretly I’m doing them all wrong…but Monday, I must have done something right, even if I didn’t feel it at the time.

The class used a lot of “extras”, like weights, balls, body bars (?), etc., so it wouldn’t be super easy to replicate the workout at home (if I could even remember it – it was that boring.) But, it’s nice to know I can feel the pain in my abs after all. Maybe a different class will incorporate some of those moves? I’ll have to keep exploring the options!

I must say, however… yoga is still my fave…

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