My new sporty shoes came in the mail over the weekend, and yesterday I got to break them in at the gym. Those of you who know me well are aware that I’m a high-heels and pretty shoes kind of girl, but these are rather fabulous. I love the shock of pink.

I am very sore today! Yesterday we worked on legs and butt. I love it when I can FEEL it! Chuck has focused on perfecting my form and style, so that I do the exercises correctly as we add more weight. This means that generally, I feel tired after a work out, but not that sore. Today is different, and I’m loving it!

Anyway, I am headed out shortly to do some Christmas shopping, because next week is DECEMBER! (Holy cow, when did that happen?) Shopping here is rather limited, so I hope I can scrounge up at least a few goodies…

I work out!

I’ve never been the type to commit to working out, and have always relied on the fact that I’m skinny to avoid doing much about it. Of course, like many women, there are things about myself I’d like to change (and I certainly recognize the value in being healthy), but I never had weight issues as an incentive to get to the gym and actually do something about it.

Now that I’m not working and the gym is free and 2 minutes away, I really have no excuses left. I’m officially letting Chuck be my personal trainer for the remainder of our time here in Georgia. He studied fitness a good bit during his ample free time in Afghanistan this past deployment, and he’s convinced he can help me attain aspects of the body type I want, without turning me into some sort of muscle guru/gym rat…

Half my problem is I don’t even know what I’m capable of! I know I want to be toned, build some muscle, and feel healthy and strong, but it’s not like I am a heavy person who was once thin and has a mental image of what I need to work towards. I have no tangible realization of what I can or want to look like, within the limitations of my body type.  No target weight, no concept of what I’d look like with muscles, etc. So, this could be a very enlightening piece of work!

Yesterday Chuck started me with chest, shoulders, and back. I did dead lifts and baby bench presses, among other things. This morning, I am crazy sore in all of those places, and if there’s one thing I do love about “working out”, it’s being sore! It’s not so bad now that I have someone to guide me. I hate going to gyms alone – everyone watching everyone else, and here I am not having a clue on how to work the crazy looking machines…

Wish me luck!! We will see how this odyssey goes..


I love how the Commissaries are closed, but the Fitness Centers are open. You can stay fit during this shutdown, but you’re SOL if you need milk! Seriously though, it is pretty funny. I DO need milk, which I can’t get, but I surely can still hit up the gym!

Anyways! I actually went to “Butt & Guts” on Monday, which is about to be cancelled due to low participation. At first, I didn’t mind that fact – the class was pretty blah and I didn’t feel like anything was really all that intense. I could keep up with all the seasoned class buffs just fine…. But boy was I wrong!! My DEEP core is so sore, even two days later!! I’m really impressed, because ab exercises never make me sore. I actually wonder if secretly I’m doing them all wrong…but Monday, I must have done something right, even if I didn’t feel it at the time.

The class used a lot of “extras”, like weights, balls, body bars (?), etc., so it wouldn’t be super easy to replicate the workout at home (if I could even remember it – it was that boring.) But, it’s nice to know I can feel the pain in my abs after all. Maybe a different class will incorporate some of those moves? I’ll have to keep exploring the options!

I must say, however… yoga is still my fave…

“Winter” Weather Advisory Here in Holly Ridge…

There’s a high of 51 degrees today and supposedly there will be 1-3 inches of snow. HA. I will believe it when I see it! 

In other news, I started taking Pure Barre classes in Wilmington 2-3 times per week, and while it’s not as fun or as active as a dance class, it’s still pretty awesome. The first place I’m noticing results is my abs!! Pretty exciting! Most of the moves can be done at home too, so I plan on incorporating them into home work outs, for those days when I am particularly motivated.

I’m not sure how long I will continue to pay for classes though. They are SO overpriced, and I’d still prefer to find a fun pole class or something. I can let off more steam when I move it n’ shake it, rather than do isolated tiny muscle movements over and over for an hour 🙂

When I grow up and have my own boutique cupcake shop, this will hang in large poster form on the wall, instead of a greeting card cutout on my fridge 🙂

Advice From a Cat #4

“Love your body the way it is. Eat the kibble of your choice. Embrace your plentiful chubs. If you don’t love you, no one else will. This is why everyone loves me. This is my secret to cool.”

Disclaimer: “A happy body is also a healthy body. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before overindulging in your favorite kibble. But, be sure to still indulge anyway… just once in a while.” 

~ The Wise and Chubby Annie Bean