Is this what they call “frizz”?


I’m not quite sure what to make of my hair these days. This is generally how it looks several sweaty hours after I attack it with curling irons, a teasing comb, and hair spray – not the morning after a fresh wash. My hair is very fine and somewhat thin, so I rarely deal with frizz. I guess this means I need to find a way to condition more without making my roots overly greasy. Or maybe I can find a way to enhance it so it looks more like a sexy beach wave? Maybe Pinterest can help me out…

3 thoughts on “Is this what they call “frizz”?

  1. I grew up in Phoenix, and when I moved to the East Coast and had my first real experience living with humidity, I could not figure out what the heck was going on with my hair! It had always been straight before and I never even had to dry it. It sounds like you’re dealing with a similar issue, although the humidity in coastal Carolina and Savannah is pretty serious, too.
    My hair is fine but I have a ton of it, and it gets super puffy when I blow-dry it. I don’t want to have to deal with a straightening iron (which apparently would make it flatter), but I’ve found that washing it and drying it the night before helps it sort of calm down by morning.
    I hope you find something that works!


  2. This from a curly-haired girl:
    1) Flat iron. Start with a low setting until you get used to using it. I was concerned about a flat iron at first but now I can’t have straight hair without mine. I don’t cook my hair, and don’t have any more split end issues than I would normally, and have been flat ironing for almost 10 years.
    2) “It’s A 10.” That stuff is ah-maz-ing. Gets rid of my little frizzies, smells delicious, and a bottle lasts forever.
    Jen’s suggestions sound worth a try though, especially if your hair is naturally straight. (Also, *man* am I jealous.)


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