Is this what they call “frizz”?


I’m not quite sure what to make of my hair these days. This is generally how it looks several sweaty hours after I attack it with curling irons, a teasing comb, and hair spray – not the morning after a fresh wash. My hair is very fine and somewhat thin, so I rarely deal with frizz. I guess this means I need to find a way to condition more without making my roots overly greasy. Or maybe I can find a way to enhance it so it looks more like a sexy beach wave? Maybe Pinterest can help me out…

There’s only one thing to be done with white hair: dress up as Daenerys Targaryen for #Halloween! Annie will be my baby dragon! Now all I need are actual plans for Halloween…

… minor detail.

Back to bleached blonde, since people in Georgia can’t handle highlights any better than they could in North Carolina. Time to buy some purple shampoo!!

I swear I’m so bipolar about my hair! I really liked being brunette, but as it’s faded, I’m already longing for blonde again. Chuck also said he has a slight preference for my lighter hair, which could have something to do with my desire to switch again too… 😉

Anyway, I had my friend add some chunkier blonde streaks to get me started. I’m trying to maintain the integrity of my hair by not blondifying too quickly!

Slowly adjusting to my new look! I wasn’t anticipating quite this dark (it photographs softer than it is in real life) but that’s always the case after that first look in the mirror. We’ll see how long I last… I like it, but I always miss my blonde 🙂

Weekend shot with friend (and photo bomber!) at Trailer Bar.

It’s quite blurry and I’m way over-tanned (ha), but I’m starting to really like my new hair color. I think I’m going to go darker next time… but keep some dramatic highlights too 🙂