A Few of My Favorite Things


I’ve been a bit homesick lately, as the golden hues of autumn spread over most of the United States. Despite all my wonderful adventures here in Asia, I find myself longing to join my friends and family on their foliage-rich hikes, visits to the pumpkin patch, ventures into haunted woods, revelry at costumed Halloween parties, and savoring of the omnipresent pumpkin spice latte.

This simply means I am finding pleasure in more simple joys here at home. I am obsessed with lavender tea (with a dollop of lavender honey in place of sugar), my cute china teacups, my unexpectedly daunting 1000 piece Ravensburger puzzle, and my lovely new book about Paris. Better yet, my “work and study from home day” has largely consisted of planning November travel, with my two fur babies curled up within arm’s reach.

Sooner or later, I suppose I should pore into my finance textbook more conscientiously… but that’s not nearly as nice to write about 🙂

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