The Earth Laughs in Flowers

I first visited the Cosmos Fields in Okinawa 2 years ago, and I had a great time frolicking in the sea of pink as Chuck humored me with a couple of cute photos. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having more photo-shoot oriented fun when I took my friend Sally to see them for the first time.


The cosmos flower fields are located in Nakagusuku’s Asato district, in Kin. More than 100,000 cosmos are in bloom on a restored slope that was destroyed by a landslide in 2006. Residents replanted a 12,000 square meters area with the flowers last October. They were so pretty, dancing in the soft breeze 🙂

Now, I am absolutely no model – especially when posing by myself – but Sally managed to capture some shots of me nestled in the blooms that I actually kind of liked. Unfortunately, all the stunning shots I took of her are on her camera, so I will have to update this post when she is able to send me her favorites!


It was breezy and slightly chilly at the Cosmos Fields, but the sun periodically peered at us with her golden face, blessing us with a welcome, sunlit afternoon outdoors. It has been a gray and damp January, so I relished this rosy preview of Spring.

That said, I am glad we ultimately decided against posing in ball gowns and strappy summer dresses. We would have shivered our way through the photoshoot if we had! Instead, we kept it slightly more casual 🙂

We enjoyed a warm meal at Khrua Thai, where we received plentiful compliments from the local Okinawa ladies on how pretty we looked. Maybe I should doll up a bit more often!

Next, I am hoping to catch the sunflower and lily festivals, which I have not yet seen in my almost 3 years living here. I greatly enjoyed the massive Hydrangea Garden, and I still need to share photos from that excursion. I am hoping to visit the cherry trees one last time, too…

…Because, truly.. you can never have too many flowers in your life ❤


The Earth laughs in flowers. And so do I!

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