Cute Cali Crannies

IMG_2715Over the past couple of weeks, I have explored some new nooks n’ crannies here in Southern California. Specifically, I saw Potato Chip Rock and San Juan Capistrano!

I experienced the former because I had friends visiting from Nebraska. You would think that visitors from the landlocked Midwest would want to see the beach in the dead of summer, but no! These athletic types wanted a hike..and a challenging hike, to boot. I had long wondered about Potato Chip Rock, but I will admit that I had no idea how strenuous it was actually going to be. Let’s just say that climbing 1100 feet into the air (and 2 miles of actual feet on the ground) was more than I bargained for, particularly under a full sun bearing down at 90 degrees.

I had many doubts along the way, but I did end up making it. I kept up with my friends! They work out, and I don’t. I’ll consider that an accomplishment (even if I had to take one or two more breaks than they did.) The views were spectacular, and of course we had to be extra by finding rocks on which to pose in culturally appropriated yoga positions.

I experienced San Juan Capistrano with my new friend Selene. She lives in Orange County, which I don’t often visit, and it was my turn to go to her. We had lunch at the cutest little spot in the historic old town called The Ramos House Cafe, which is situated on the oldest residential street in California.


I need to plan a return visit, because I didn’t get to see the historic Mission (established in 1776!) or browse the old shops and adobe houses. It was truly darling, and as Selene put it, one of the most “Instagrammable” streets in Southern California. She wasn’t wrong!

More to come ❤

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