Endless Summer

Although this summer has been far too hot for my Coastal California girl sensibilities (you try 90 degrees with no AC!), I am still not quite ready for it to end. I’ve had a great time exploring the area, connecting with friends old and new, and – as always – enjoying the scenery from my own backyard. Two recent highlights were my visit to a Temecula winery and my very first music festival!


My friend Meghan works with someone who is part-owner of Europa Village Winery in Temecula, which some people claim rivals Napa in all it has to offer – at a fraction of the price. I haven’t been to Napa, so I can’t validate that claim, but I surely enjoyed my day at Europa Village. Meghan’s colleague hooked us up with a seriously discounted tasting and two complimentary glasses of a wine. It was a picture-perfect venue and we had a great time sipping fresh vino and snapping photos in the most golden of California light.

I definitely want to get a group together and go back to tour other Temecula wineries when Chuck gets home!

It was my friend Sydney who clued me in on the local KAABOO Del Mar music festival. I’ve been to just a few concerts in my life – Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, then Britney Spears again and then Britney Spears one more time… ha! My musical repertoire is admittedly limited, and I’m primarily a Top 40 kind of girl. I’ve never tried an outdoor music festival.


I did recognize a couple of artists on the first of the three-day event, so we agreed to book our tickets and go that Friday. In truth, the only artist I actually knew was Nelly, but that’s neither here nor there. I was excited to attend an outdoor event and hang out with girl friends (never mind that I had an EKG and chest x-ray done that morning for a lingering cough I can’t seem to shake!)

It was warm, sandy, sunny, and energetic, without being too overwhelming. Even the porta potties were clean, and they flushed! I caught most of Nelly’s concert and enjoyed bubbly and pizza with Sydney while continually looking for Shelby and her boyfriend 🙂 I tend to drink less when I have to pay $14 a pop and wait in line for it (imagine that), so I didn’t even overdo the adult beverages. All in all, a successful day turned evening, and still in bed by 10!


Now, as summer fades into fall, I have new adventures to look forward to. Chuck will be home within a month, and then there’s Halloween, the Marine Corps Ball, and all of the rush that comes with the Holidays. I’m looking forward to resting up for a bit, so that fall and winter can bring it on! 🙂

I hope you have all had an amazing summer, too!

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