The Small Things

I have written about my zen California life before, and expressed my appreciation for the little things in life, too. As I learn to take more in stride and put less pressure on myself, I’m seizing every moment to appreciate the small joys all around me… and I simply wanted to revisit that for a moment šŸ™‚

Take, for starters, my glorious Pink House, and sunny California afternoons and sunsets. I’ll admit that it’s been a little too hot lately to spend much time in my shade-less back yard, but the temps are just starting to cool enough in the late afternoon to allow for a glass (or three) of crisp rosĆ©, accompanied by fresh peaches and vegan cheese on my Brooklyn slate cheese board.


Not to mention, there are my beach views. Not only from the house, but from several of my local haunts. I can’t help but slow down and take pictures.


Plus, why is everything in a beach town always so dang cute? I had to go to Urgent Care a couple of weekends ago (bronchitis… oy) and it was hard to believe it was even legitimate. Would you think so, with an exterior like this?


One of my other favorite things is watching the hummingbirds (which I affectionately call Pink House Pixies) compete for space on my colorful hummingbird feeder. I have to refill this thing at least 3 times per week! It is so much fun and I highly recommend it. With the excessive heat we have experienced this summer, we have to work together to keep these little budgies hydrated. Just be sure to use organic cane sugar! Nothing too processed.


Then of course there are my kitties. I can never replace my beloved Tetsu, who I lost unexpectedly this past spring, but I did find a new little bestie for Momo and me. His name is Tamarack La Roux, aka Tim Tam. He fits our family like a glove, and I’m fairly certain that he is Tetsu reincarnated. Just look at him!


I have misgivings about letting him outside the way I let Momo and Tetsu out – but I will allow for limited excursions to the yard when I am present to supervise. But it’s my Mo Bear who rules this pink and golden paradise like it’s her own (I mean, it totally is!) I do worry about her, but she generally stays close and it brings me great joy to see her so happy out there.


Last but not least, there’s the beach itself. Honestly, I don’t do actual beach days very often. It’s a lot of work and mess – the sunscreen, the sand, and subsequent clean-ups. I can only handle intense sun for so long, with my fair skin and light eyes. The access areas get crowded. Etc, etc. But I do love the ocean, and I’m lucky to have a spot that is neither messy nor busy. It’s very peaceful, and a mere 10 minute bike ride from my house. I like to perch there, decompress, reflect, and absorb a little of that Vitamin Sea.


As my girl fromĀ TheĀ Little House on the PrairieĀ said:

Screenshot 2018-09-10 16.29.05


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