The Whimsy of Things

Hey y’all. It’s been a minute. No, it’s been a YEAR. Except, wait. It’s only been just-over-half-a-year. Feels like decades, you know what I’m saying? But now I’m just being dramatic.

I don’t need to re-cap the debacle that has been 2020, but I do want to pop in to say that it’s time for a personal re-brand. If you’ve followed me a while, you know I went from Pink Piglette, to Bad Kitty, to Keep Calm & Have a Cupcake, to the Gypsy Kitty Diaries. Each rendition of me was right for the time and place in which I found myself. But this year, given my ongoing and imperfect attempts at self-improvement, I’ve decided to move on from Gyspy Kitty and tell my story through a new lens (or filter, if we truly want to keep this 2020.)

So, real talk.

I am not a Gypsy. I know nothing of the Gypsy identity or the Gypsy struggle. I know only a little of the Gypsy stereotype. It is not my identity to claim, and although no one has been outright offended by my appropriation of the term (that I know of), I decided it was time to evolve beyond the White plunder of other cultures and identities to express myself.

So, that begged the question: who am I? What do I love? What do I share, and express, on a regular basis?

It is difficult to narrow oneself down to a single one or two-word moniker, but there are a few things that are indeed consistent: flowers, and…

Hmm. I don’t know. Something a little silly? A little focused on the small, seemingly random aspects of life? Kitty cats, and cupcakes, and prancing around Paris, and all that jazz?

Many years ago, someone described me as “whimsical.” It only happened once, but I liked it, and it stuck with me. I love nature, and adventure, and dancing into the unknown. Travel, and peaches, scented candles, and stories like Alice in Wonderland.

Truthfully, I do assume a serious and introspective approach to various aspects of life, but ultimately I thrive on themes like stop and smell the roses, and imagine six impossible things before breakfast, and bloom where you’re planted. When your life is transient, a tad unstable, and even a little dysfunctional, you return to the things that continually ground you and keep you going. I love a Garden that is a little Untamed.

So, although I love to dig deeper and illuminate the darker crevices of Living, I return to that which centers me. At the same time, I’ve come to realize that I am a vishuddha (throat) chakra through and through, and practically incapable staying silent on matters of import.

But at the end of the day, it’s about the magic. The silver linings. The beauty of everyday life and the discovery of whimsy all around.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers, Kittens. 2020, we got this.

“It’s whimsy that spreads hope like grass seed in the wind.”

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