The Small Things

I have written about my zen California life before, and expressed my appreciation for the little things in life, too. As I learn to take more in stride and put less pressure on myself, I’m seizing every moment to appreciate the small joys all around me… and I simply wanted to revisit that for a moment 🙂

Take, for starters, my glorious Pink House, and sunny California afternoons and sunsets. I’ll admit that it’s been a little too hot lately to spend much time in my shade-less back yard, but the temps are just starting to cool enough in the late afternoon to allow for a glass (or three) of crisp rosĂ©, accompanied by fresh peaches and vegan cheese on my Brooklyn slate cheese board.


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Chuck sent me pictures of kittens in Afghanistan the other day! So cute 🙂 I love seeing soldiers with kittens. And what’s up with the Afghan doing the supermodel pose in the Louis Vuitton tee shirt? Too funny! Even I don’t own LV.

One of my medically-inclined friends came to visit this past weekend, and while we discussed my darling Annie’s chubs, she noted a very interesting possibility that I had never considered: did Annie maybe have kittens before?

The thought of Annie with kittens blew me away! I adopted her as an adult cat, and she was already spayed – so I never entertained the idea. But my friend said the way her tummy looked indicated she may have been pregnant at one point, and since I know nothing about her pre-adoption days, it is certainly possible! She may have been spayed later, or by the shelter.

Now, I just look at my little cublet with this new found awe. Thinking of her as a mama cat just melts my little heart!