The Storm Beneath the Bougainvillea

IMG_7349Tetsu didn’t merely wander into my life. He stormed into it like the impetuous Okinawan typhoon of steel for which he was named, full of spunk and tenacity. Although it seemed like he’d been in my life forever, my Boy Named Su was only with me a little under two years… And I still can’t believe that he’s gone.

I’m generally against letting cats outside. While I recognize the closer tie to their wild ancestry than dogs, there are simply too many dangers. Of course, I have mostly lived in urban apartments in high traffic, high risk areas. In Okinawa particularly, there were too many diseased strays, plus the chance of being picked up by Japanese animal control and sent to the gas chambers. There was also plenty of traffic…

But our little Pink House in Southern California has been something special. It has this magic to it. It tantalizes with its ephermal Ferngully distractions. It’s quiet. Nothing bad ever happens here. And I got comfy. Continue reading

One of my medically-inclined friends came to visit this past weekend, and while we discussed my darling Annie’s chubs, she noted a very interesting possibility that I had never considered: did Annie maybe have kittens before?

The thought of Annie with kittens blew me away! I adopted her as an adult cat, and she was already spayed – so I never entertained the idea. But my friend said the way her tummy looked indicated she may have been pregnant at one point, and since I know nothing about her pre-adoption days, it is certainly possible! She may have been spayed later, or by the shelter.

Now, I just look at my little cublet with this new found awe. Thinking of her as a mama cat just melts my little heart!