Does anyone else find the press coverage of the NSA Leaker’s girlfriend creepy? I guess I’m not surprised… But I feel bad for the poor girl! To have your boyfriend of 4 years up and leave under such nefarious circumstances, and then have your personal life and photos splattered, sensationalized, and mocked all over the Internet…

I blog…I pole dance… I have had some professional photos taken. If Chuck ever becomes the world’s most wanted criminal-at-large, I’m doomed!


I discovered that if I add hash tags to my photos (legitimate ones that people would actually search for), my pictures get a LOT more exposure. It’s kind of exciting! Especially since Instagram is a good bit more anonymous than Facebook. It’s also a little sketchy, though. I tagged one photo with “girl friends” and another with “feet” and “pedicure”, and as it turns out – Instagram has weirdos. They need to update the app so we are able to delete comments… or is that already possible and I’m just missing it?

Anyway… I use hash tags all the time here on Tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to work for me quite like it did for Instagram. Maybe it’s better that way 🙂 Sometimes it’s better to lay low, but it’s also nice to have a random audience that enjoys what you have to share. So long as they’re nice! And totally not sketchy… ha!

Downsizing My “Friends” List

In the Facebook purge I’ve undertaken over the past week or so, I’ve somehow managed to downsize my friends list from 1,496 to 965 (still too many.) Wow!! How have I accumulated so many people, many of which I can’t even remember how I know them…?!

It feels harsh – and there were people I felt kind of bad unfriending – but I share so much on Facebook that if I haven’t heard from someone (or even virtually interacted with them some way) in ages, there’s just no need to broadcast my updates to them. Hopefully, most won’t even notice I’m gone! I’m pretty good at limiting certain people (including those I want to de-friend but can’t), but 1,496 “friends” is a lot to monitor in terms of privacy, and who I want knowing what…and it’s so easy to lose track!

In the meantime, I’m still weeding away…and it’s kinda refreshing. I don’t like to worry too much about what I post on Facebook, so it will be nice to ease that burden somewhat 🙂