My Chuckles was promoted to Captain in Afghanistan this week. It’s a bummer he’s always getting promoted in-country when I can’t be there!! But I am so happy and very proud of him… and making fun use of that bump in pay (see extravagant Coach purchase below, lol.)

Yesterday Was a Great Day…

… The weather was fab. I ate a healthy breakfast and felt amazing. Chuck came home at noon. I GOT A JOB… yessss!

So finally, after a whole year of retail pharmacy and temp jobs, I got a full-time, salaried  offer at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, managing events and member services. My bank account and resume are not doomed after all. I am so relieved!!!

Plus, I’ll now have something to keep me occupied while Chuck is gone. Deployment should go at least somewhat easier for me then!

Anyway. SOOOO happy!! 😀