First Day!

Today is my first at the new Chamber job, since yesterday I had to drive 2.5 hours northeast to attend my mandatory court hearing for that speeding ticket I got Labor Day weekend (DA reduced it for me with no points and no classes! Still had to pay out the wazoo though, 95% of which was in court fees – stupid government bureaucracy…!)

Anyway… the girl I’m replacing is still here technically, so there isn’t a ton for me to do yet. I did get to go to a ribbon cutting ceremony though. And attend meetings! More importantly, I’m filling out my tax and direct deposit forms so that I can actually make some money too 😉

I’m starting to feel like a real professional again! 

I wonder how the poor Bean is doing at home though… all alone, all day long? The president here at the Chamber brings her old poodle with her to work every day, so I wonder if I can arrange some sort of similar deal with Annie?! Wouldn’t that be fun!! Miss her 😦


Yesterday Was a Great Day…

… The weather was fab. I ate a healthy breakfast and felt amazing. Chuck came home at noon. I GOT A JOB… yessss!

So finally, after a whole year of retail pharmacy and temp jobs, I got a full-time, salaried  offer at the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, managing events and member services. My bank account and resume are not doomed after all. I am so relieved!!!

Plus, I’ll now have something to keep me occupied while Chuck is gone. Deployment should go at least somewhat easier for me then!

Anyway. SOOOO happy!! 😀