California Zen: Life in the Pink House

When I think about the past four-and-half months, my head spins! Since late May, I lived in a Magician’s Mansion (with a 120-lb tortoise named Henry), bounced East to DC to visit friends and family, moved into La Casa Rosada (the Pink House), and hosted an ongoing carousel of visitors. Throw in a side trip to Santa Monica, a highly anticipated Himalayan salt lamp, goat yoga, and a refrigerator full of kombucha, and you have yourselves a fully christened California Girl 🙂

Each of those random things hosts a story all its own, but I have been negligent in tending to my little online garden. Mostly, this means that my life has been busy and full. And it’s true! I adore my little Pink House. In fact, I probably love it a little bit too much. We did not buy it  (we are simply renting) but it’s the first house that Chuck and I found and chose together, and the first time in quite a while that we haven’t been forced to live in something we didn’t want. After 3 years of involuntary, military base housing, I was ready to regain some control and make ourselves a little home.

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Last night was lovely. Chuck and I were due to meet my friend from DC later in the evening, so we turned the earlier part into date night. First I went to the Lilly store and he helped me pick out not one, but TWO dresses (so unnecessary, but they are cute and will get lots of wear!) and browsed Williams-Sonoma before sitting down to a nice dinner at Circa 1922 downtown – a favorite we hadn’t been to since we first moved here. It was delicious.

For dessert we hit up the famed Kilwins Chocolate and Ice Cream Shoppe, and leisurely shared a giant fudge brownie waffle cone while taking in the gorgeous view I captured above. The humidity killed my curls (back down to stick straight, I’m telling you) but it was just balmy enough as the sun went down to enjoy the Riverwalk through Downtown. Cape Fear sure is beautiful.

Annual Oyster Roast on the Cape Fear River at the Chamber of Commerce. All you can eat fresh oysters and shrimp, open bar, and live music. Great time with new co-workers, community entrepreneurs, and the hubby 🙂