So what have I been up to…?

I have been in Georgia for exactly 3 weeks now. Honestly, that move from NC feels like a million years ago already. Does that mean time is flying, or dragging? I get confused.

Anyway, boredom/insanity has not hit yet, which is such a relief. Somehow I manage to keep busy with random things every day.

The not-so-random things I’m finding to do are giving me structure and something to look forward to! Primarily, I am learning French and loving it. I’m using both Rosetta Stone and a program called Duolingo, which everyone should check out if you are at all interested in learning a language. It’s fun, efficient, and FREE. I take my lessons right on my iPad. I’m curious to see how advanced it gets, but so far, I’d say it’s moving a little quicker than RS, yet is somehow equally as thorough.

As for RS itself, I’ll have to see how it plays out. Since I already have a base in French (I took it for 3 years in high school), I’m not sure what I will think of it once I’m truly learning new material. It’s great, but I’m interested to see if it’s worth the price.

To get real-world practice and supplement the textbook version, I created an account on InterPals, for a French pen pal. It has all the risks one might expect with an online chat service, but it’s pretty easy to weed out the crazies. I found some good connections, and have only been offered three marriage proposals 🙂 The Egyptian who quoted Phil Collins for me was super hard to resist… right!!!

In other news, classes on the base gym are just $3. I signed up for Butt & Guts, which was cancelled, so I took spinning instead. I HATE spinning. It was a good cardio/leg workout, but talk about boring. Let’s just say I won’t do that one again… but I WILL go back!! Just for something else.

Otherwise, September wedding planning/logistics is just about finished, so I’m ready to tackle the October weddings. I applied for two jobs, just for kicks and to see what happens (probably nothing). Chuck and I recruited another couple from his class for some whitewater rafting this weekend (yay!), and I leave for lovely Breckenridge, CO next Thursday for my sister’s nuptials.

Moving right along over here…!

I wish I could be in two places at once this weekend! I am sad to miss my friend Laura’s shower/bachelorette party in Miami (especially since I’m not yet sure I can make her wedding), but I am excited and honored to serve as Amanda’s bridesmaid in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I will just wave across the Gulf at Laura, while we lounge at our respective beaches, and sip our respective cocktails 🙂