Last night we had an impromptu candlelit steak dinner with tomato caprese and red wine. Godiva chocolate bars for dessert. I feel like we should have used our nice china! But like I said – it was truly impromptu. The mood was killed when Chuck made me watch Mission Impossible 4 right afterwards anyway 😉

It’s Chuck’s last weekend before he leaves for 29 Palms for a month, for pre-deployment training. At least I get him for Thanksgiving Day – and he will be back just time for Christmas!

I’m actually so ready to get this deployment on the road! The limbo stage is annoying. I think both of us are ready…

Weekend shot with friend (and photo bomber!) at Trailer Bar.

It’s quite blurry and I’m way over-tanned (ha), but I’m starting to really like my new hair color. I think I’m going to go darker next time… but keep some dramatic highlights too 🙂

I am sooo full!! Chuck and I had a great weekend with no plans, so aside from one short workout together and a couple hours reading on the beach, we just ate a lot.

Saturday night we grilled tuna steaks over a bed of spinach, with tomato salad on the side. I wish i had a pic of that – it was pretty 🙂 We finished an entire pitcher of our very own sangria together and “watched” about 4 movies – more like talked and laughed our way through them. It was glorious; I’m so grateful that Chuck and I still genuinely enjoy spending simple, random, silly time together. We tend to be around people so much that true time just the two of us is rather rare!

Anyway! Today we made eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins for breakfast – finishing off with fresh peaches. For dinner we decided to live on the edge and have blue cheese -stuffed bacon burgers served on our fine china just for fun, since we never get to use it. We had sushi and cantaloupe to start, which was a surprisingly delicious and fresh combination, then shared two cupcakes for dessert – triple chocolate and key lime.

Sooo good, but Lordy, I feel like I could never eat again!


This weekend will be among the few (if not the only one) I’ve had all summer with NO commitments!! Between visitors and trips, I’m pretty pooped. I need to keep answering that nagging “What ever am I going to do??!” question with a big fat hearty “Nothing!”

Although, I have come to realize that I kind of suck at doing nothing… Maybe I’ll start up the job search again. Since Chuck is deploying to Afghanistan again this fall, I will be here in NC through next summer, instead of til spring. My current job ends in September, so I MUST find something to do while he is away.

I recently scored an interview for a position at UNCW, but got rejected. I’ve never been denied a job of any kind after an interview, except when I was in high school and interviewing for Abercrombie and Fitch – but that’s because my mom made me wear Banana Republic, gave me poodle curls, and said “always look classy for an interview.” I’m sure you can imagine that went over well, with the well-branded, torn denim-clad hiring managers at A&F…

Anyway, the rejection from UNCW stung more than expected and discouraged me all over again. I knew it was competitive from the start, but getting turned down for an admin job bites. I’ve got a whole year to work with though, so I’m going to keep trying. I feel guilty knowing I won’t be here longer than that, but what else can I do? 😦 Admin jobs have high turnover anyway, right? I will go crazy if I can only work 10 hours per week at the pharmacy.

Anyhoo, that was a digression, but back to my original point… TGIF!!! Here’s to doing (almost) nothing 🙂