Both homes getting some sad kitty weather tonight… Hope everyone stays safe!

I am not generally a winter person, but here’s to a white Christmas when I go home to Virginia in a few weeks. I imagine I will come to miss cool weather and snow after 3 years in subtropical Japan!

I love front porches…

  • Summer: Sit on the grass with lemonade.
  • Autumn: Sit on the porch with apple cider.
  • Winter: Sit by the fireplace with hot chocolate.
  • Spring: Sit on the porch with sweet tea.

“Winter” Weather Advisory Here in Holly Ridge…

There’s a high of 51 degrees today and supposedly there will be 1-3 inches of snow. HA. I will believe it when I see it! 

In other news, I started taking Pure Barre classes in Wilmington 2-3 times per week, and while it’s not as fun or as active as a dance class, it’s still pretty awesome. The first place I’m noticing results is my abs!! Pretty exciting! Most of the moves can be done at home too, so I plan on incorporating them into home work outs, for those days when I am particularly motivated.

I’m not sure how long I will continue to pay for classes though. They are SO overpriced, and I’d still prefer to find a fun pole class or something. I can let off more steam when I move it n’ shake it, rather than do isolated tiny muscle movements over and over for an hour 🙂