Ciao, Bella!


I fell behind on documenting some very exciting travels in 2019, but that won’t stop me from reminiscing here and now on the Gypsy Kitty Diaries 🙂

For two weeks last summer – just about one year ago, to be exact – Chuck and I explored Italy with his darling family.

Now, all countries are too diverse and amazing to squeeze into one trip, but Italy was especially frustrating in terms of the limitations we had to impose on ourselves. Still, I like to think we did quite well. Chuck and I started out on our own in Como before driving to meet family in Tuscany and then wrapping up in Rome. Check out our highlights!

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EuroTrip 2014: An Update

I think Chuck and I have decided on how to divvy up my highly anticipated EuroTrip(s), now that I know we can’t pull off my original plan:

  • FRANCE, March 2014
  • ITALY, October 2015

It seems that Italy is the place to enjoy in the fall, when the heat of summer still lingers. It’s a more coastal, outdoorsy place than France, so I think we don’t want to “waste” Italy in early spring. Plus, October 2015 will be our 5-year wedding anniversary… and you can’t get much more romantic than a trip to Italy to celebrate 🙂

So! This means I’m currently focusing my energy on a 10-day trip to France. I think we will still include a brief visit to London at the beginning, which shouldn’t be too difficult or costly. Then we will EuroStar to Paris, then TGV to Provence, then consider a short side trip to the French Alps (Annecy) before heading back up to Paris.

Haven’t decided if we’ll explore Paris at the start, or at the finish, but that’s the plan for now!! I’d like Rosetta Stone as a (very) early birthday or Christmas present so I can learn the language, which I’ve always wanted to do anyway. I will have lots of free time in Georgia and will need something to do!

So excited.

Friday Update

For those of you who were wondering, I got my speeding ticket reduced to 9mph over (about what it should have been in the first place), which means no points for me – even if I still had to pay. Seriously though, what a racket!

Anyway, the office closes at 12:30 today and I am ready for a fun weekend. Chuck’s family rented a beach house for the next week, so we will see them plus my friend Laura, who will be in town for the weekend visiting her mom. I think we’ll meet her and her fiance downtown for drinks Saturday night. I always love seeing Laura.

In other news, while hanging out at the courtroom all morning, I caught up on my Rick Steve’s Italy Guide and read all about Lake Como. Coincidentally, I also found a gorgeous photo of this scenic spot on Pinterest (which I promptly pinned to my Bucket List board, of course.) It is rather out of the way for my current itinerary, but now I want to find a way to work it in… it looks so amazing!