International exchange

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am on a website that allows you to communicate with “penpals” from other countries in an effort to learn about cultures and practice various language skills. One French girl I communicate with encouraged asking each other what is “weird” about our respective cultures. I wrote her and asked for her view on the U.S.! Her response was precious:

“Yes i was in US (NY, Brooklyn) for a month and a half during end of May, June and July. And NY is a crazy city. I am in love with that city.

What was crazy ? Haha you’ll not believe me but two people propose me to married, have american nationality and see if we will want to have a future. BUT in my head it was the contrary haha,  first you know the person and after you marry him haha (of course if you like him)

Hmmm Cotsco is BIG and crazy for us. I also saw Diet Burger haha.

I was near sunset park (*I think she means Central Park*) and there was asian people who practiced tai chi, juwish was running in suit, Porto Rican people was with their kids playing or eating food (smell so good) and at night every old guy of all nationality played chest together.
In that moment, i realized that i can see that, only in NY.

I was very happy to live in that area.”

I’m not even from New York and this oddly makes me kinda proud!

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Wow! I made it through the busiest of my wedding weekends – the double whammy in Charleston and NYC. It was quite the adventure (I am still recovering), but I am so glad I was able to make both weddings. They were just so beautiful! Happy, fun, and simply romantic.

Friday night was my friend Laura’s wedding at the Legare-Waring House in Charleston. It was classic, feminine, Southern romance. The House was on Charles Towne Landing – a historic, plantation-like piece of land dripping in Spanish moss and old timey mystery. I got to catch up with a few girl friends from DC and even encountered an alligator – almost ran the sucker over. Laura was just stunning as expected!


Early Saturday morning, I booked it to the airport and flew to LaGuardia for my friend Wendi’s wedding – “A Night in Brooklyn.” It was at the delightfully French Bacchus Bistro (umm… DELICIOUS…more tuna tartare, please). A few of the girls got together for bonding and primping at the Sofia Inn beforehand, and I spent most of the evening reminiscing with old college friends and sharing stories with newer ones.  Wendi was just ravishing. Her entire wedding was DIY! It came together so magically.


The only “downside” all weekend was that Chuck couldn’t make it! The punk busted his knee the night before we were scheduled to leave for Charleston, and we spent early Friday AM in the emergency room. He has a torn MCL, and strained ACL. The weekend’s logistics were convoluted, so we thought it best to not risk bringing him along. It made for a slightly more convoluted set of logistics for me on my own – an extra six hour drive and a flight change – but at least my legs are in tact to make it work – thank goodness! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to my lovely friends, Wendi and Laura! xoxo