In spite of accidentally booking a 7:01 AM EuroStar ticket rather than 7:01 PM ticket, we finally made it to Paris. We had a wonderful date night on Champs-Élysées – from a rooftop bar with splendid views (40 euros for two drinks was completely worth it), to an intimate and elegant French bistro, to Le Crazy Horse burlesque show. I am kind of in love with this city! #paris #romantic #eiffeltower (at Maison Blanche)

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Wow! I made it through the busiest of my wedding weekends – the double whammy in Charleston and NYC. It was quite the adventure (I am still recovering), but I am so glad I was able to make both weddings. They were just so beautiful! Happy, fun, and simply romantic.

Friday night was my friend Laura’s wedding at the Legare-Waring House in Charleston. It was classic, feminine, Southern romance. The House was on Charles Towne Landing – a historic, plantation-like piece of land dripping in Spanish moss and old timey mystery. I got to catch up with a few girl friends from DC and even encountered an alligator – almost ran the sucker over. Laura was just stunning as expected!


Early Saturday morning, I booked it to the airport and flew to LaGuardia for my friend Wendi’s wedding – “A Night in Brooklyn.” It was at the delightfully French Bacchus Bistro (umm… DELICIOUS…more tuna tartare, please). A few of the girls got together for bonding and primping at the Sofia Inn beforehand, and I spent most of the evening reminiscing with old college friends and sharing stories with newer ones.  Wendi was just ravishing. Her entire wedding was DIY! It came together so magically.


The only “downside” all weekend was that Chuck couldn’t make it! The punk busted his knee the night before we were scheduled to leave for Charleston, and we spent early Friday AM in the emergency room. He has a torn MCL, and strained ACL. The weekend’s logistics were convoluted, so we thought it best to not risk bringing him along. It made for a slightly more convoluted set of logistics for me on my own – an extra six hour drive and a flight change – but at least my legs are in tact to make it work – thank goodness! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to my lovely friends, Wendi and Laura! xoxo

One Love

Here are a few favorite captures of my sister’s beautiful wedding in the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado. Bonni & Allison got married in a charmingly rustic little spot called the Bear Cabin (Bonni loves bears!) The wedding party (and significant others) all got to stay overnight, and it was so adorable and cozy. We had such a great time, even if we were too tired to use the hot tub and the fire pit after setting up for wedding day 🙂  The rehearsal dinner was held in darling downtown Breck, which seriously looked like a Bavarian Christmas village or something. Super cute!

The wedding was mostly DIY, so I was very impressed with how beautifully it all came together (I seriously lack creative skills.) Bonni and Allison were gorgeous and graceful hostesses. The ceremony was spiritual and emotional, and the gathering was intimate. Given the less traditional, or “controversial” nature of this particular wedding, it was so touching to see the outpouring of love for these two. It has been a struggle to get where we are today, and there is still more to be accomplished, but it was awesome to see so much genuine support in one room…

Also, the state of Colorado is absolutely stunning. I loved driving up the mountains and taking in the views. On our way back, Chuck and I hit some pretty bad storms (snow, lightening, hail, heavy rain, wind gusts), which would have been equally as incredible if it hadn’t delayed our progress by over an hour, making us stress and scramble to get to the airport on time. We made it with literally 3 minutes to spare before they closed check-in… it was quite the adventure!!

Oh, and I saw a moose. A HUGE bull moose. My trip to CO just wouldn’t have been complete without such a sighting!

Anyway. 🙂 Congrats to the beautiful brides!! I love seeing my sister so happy!


Happy Valentines’s Day to all those who are taken, almost taken, taken for granted, waiting to be taken, assumed to be taken, and those who are not taken seriously. XOXO

Last night we had an impromptu candlelit steak dinner with tomato caprese and red wine. Godiva chocolate bars for dessert. I feel like we should have used our nice china! But like I said – it was truly impromptu. The mood was killed when Chuck made me watch Mission Impossible 4 right afterwards anyway 😉

It’s Chuck’s last weekend before he leaves for 29 Palms for a month, for pre-deployment training. At least I get him for Thanksgiving Day – and he will be back just time for Christmas!

I’m actually so ready to get this deployment on the road! The limbo stage is annoying. I think both of us are ready…

Anniversary Trip, Booked!

After a long week of cold-calling potential investors at work, eating like crap, and being overall crabby, I decided I needed to get on the whole book-something-to-look-forward-to thing. Plus, after a whirlwind summer of visitors, weddings, and trips home, Chuck and I have become rather homebody-ish in the past few weeks.

So, I booked our anniversary trip to Savannah for October 6th and 7th at the beautiful, historic, French Renaissance-inspired Olde Savannah Inn, right in the Historic District by Forsyth Park. Our package includes a $100 gift certificate to the renowned Olde Pink House Restaurant, two tickets for the Old Town Trolley to tour the town, and a moonlight carriage ride for two. It’s not Napa or Europe (we’ve got many anniversaries ahead for that, right?), but I am sooo excited. I’ve never been to Savannah! It looks so intimate and quaint.

I also booked a “surprise” date for Chuck and I next weekend. I’d say what it is, but with my luck, it’ll be the one time he actually reads my blog. He’s pretty smart though, so he’s probably already figured it out anyway. Regardless, I’m looking forward to doing something different together around here. 🙂

Today we are thinking of going to the Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival, but it’s so muggy and gross out. Two storms have already passed through. I really do feel the need to do something though. I think we’re going to shave the cat instead!